May 21st Meeting Recap

During the May 21st Meeting, the Santa Clarita Valley Young Democrats endorsed Brett Haddock and Diane Trautman for Santa Clarita City Council, and Jeffery Prang for Los Angeles County Assessor. Congratulations to all endorsed candidates.

Additionally, SCVYD supports Propositions 68, 69, 71, and 72 on the June 5th election, and opposes Proposition 70.

After a long discussion, the general membership voted to draft a letter condemning the negative attacks by our endorsed candidate for the 25th Congressional District Primary, Bryan Caforio. While we understand the desire to distinguish yourself from opponents, the recent tactics clearly violate the Expectations for Campaigns that was sent to all Congressional Candidates. Attached is the letter that was sent to the Bryan Caforio for Congress Campaign. We hope that no matter who moves on to the general election, all Democrats in Santa Clarita will unite and work together towards our common goal, and will not continue to attack other Democrats.

Letter to Bryan Caforio for Congress

Expectations for Campaigns